How we Process Rifle Brass

Our processed rifle brass goes through an extensive process, while bringing it to SAAMI specifications.
All processed rifle brass goes through the same quality process. During our inspection process any casings with visible defects or issues are discarded. We will not sell anything we would not want to load ourselves.


Step 1: Initial-clean

Our brass enters our wash bay where we wash the brass in our commercial vibratory bowls.
It enters the first bowl where it is washed using porcelain media to clean the inside and outside of the casings. From there, the brass is transferred into the second bowl with heated corncob at 180 degrees allowing the casings to dry and polish almost instantly! A screen deck is used to separate the corn cob from the brass casings. 

Step 2: Inspection

Our pickers inspect each casing for cracks, dents, scratches or anything that would make it unsuitable to process or reload. This process is extremely important and is one of the reasons our brass is unmatched.

Step 3: Processing (De-priming, Swaging, resizing & trimming)

1. Cases are lubricated using our own natural case lube.
2. Dies are adjusted properly to size and trim each casing to full SAAMI specs.
3. Cartridges are processed using our production machines. Cases are first de-primed and swaged to remove primer crimps, then resized and trimmed using a commercial trimmer that leaves a clean cut. Trim lengths are 1.750 ± .003 for 5.56 military brass, 2.005 ± .003 for .308/7.62x51 and 1.358″ for 300 AAC Blackout which is converted from once fired 5.56 NATO Once Fired Brass.
4. During processing, brass specifications are spot-checked every 20 casings. For military brass, we use a primer pocket gauge, a .223 interior neck gauge, and a Sheridan Slotted Case Gauge to ensure the casings are properly sized.

Step 4: Final Wash

After the casings have passed initial wash, inspection, and processing stations, they are brought back to our wash bay and sent back through our vibratory bowls one final time to remove the case lube and to put that final polish on each one to make them look better than NEW!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to providing you the best brass in the business.

Jason Hall
Jason Hall